ARIA Industrial and Mineral  Group

معدن پودرهای صنعتی

ARIA Industrial and Mineral  Group

ARIA Industrial and mineral  Group, with more than fifty years of experience in mining, extraction and refining minerals ores, has two mines in operation in Saveh and Buin Zahra
The products of this industrial and mining group include raw material for refractories (refractory brick, ceramic tile, raw material for electrode and glass and raw material for tire and polymer industries)

Among the minerals and industrial powders that are currently extracted from KABOUD KAMAR and NIVESHT mines , kaolin, feldspar, Calcium carbonate and Red Ocher (in different type and various mesh size) can be mentioned
Refining factory (KANI GOSTAR GOHAR) in Qazvin province and ARYA INDUSTRIAL POWDER (trading) company also are subsidiaries of Aria Industrial and mineral Group, which provides services such as grinding and crushing of minerals with different mesh sizes
The headquarters of the company is located in Alborz province, Mehrshahr

Sales Manager: +989121952696
Sales Expert: +989102824181

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Kaoline/ Kaolinite


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